Foundry Services


Cree offers foundry services for development and production using GaN HEMT MMIC processes in two basic families; a 0.4 μm gate length HEMT that can be operated at drain bias of 28 to 50 V and a 0.25 μm gate-length HEMT that can be operated at 28 to 40 V. There are competitively priced options for dedicated and shared lots.

Customers can design into the foundry using ADS or MWO design kits or have Cree perform the design service. The processes feature high-power density (4 to 6 watts/mm) transistors, slot vias, resistors, capacitors, high-reliability up to 225˚C operating-junction temperatures, and scalable unit FET cells.

Cree has been in full-rate production of GaN-on-SiC 100-mm-diameter wafers since 2009. Both the processes and the design kit models are extremely robust, enabling first-pass design success with first-to-market of your high-power, high-efficiency MMIC products.

Cree RF GaN HEMT MMIC Process Components

Cree also offers design and test services. Cree will design or test to your die specifications on a case-by-case basis. Cree’s foundry service terms and conditions apply to any order.

For additional information, access to the design kits or to set up your next foundry lot, contact Cree at