Cree and Abby Wambach
Share Similar Goals.
From stadiums to homes, LED is transforming the way the world sees light. Cree, Inc. is teaming up with American soccer player, two-time Olympic gold medalist and highest all-time goal scorer, Abby Wambach, to recognize the importance of determination, innovation and performance on and off the field. It all begins with the month-long international championship games.

Our Most Intelligent
Light Ever
From the Company That Changed
How the World Sees Light
Fast Company names Cree among the World’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2015
It’s official: we’re #1 in energy innovation.
Each year, Fast Company recognizes companies and products that transform how we consume energy, and for 2015, Cree is #1 in the Energy Innovation sector and #19 in Overall Innovation.
Pump up the power
in your Ku-Band amps
Cree sets the standard for Ku-Band amplifier performance with our higher power, more efficient solution that beats TWT or GaAs technology.

See the specs and learn how Cree can boost your satcom performance.

NEW! 500W & 350W GaN HEMTs.
More power and efficiency in a 50Ω package.
Record breaking performance.
It's always on our radar.
Cree® is always looking for ways to improve inefficient technology.
Our new GaN HEMT devices enable near-instant-on capability
with no warm up, longer detection ranges, longer lifetimes
and improved target discrimination to outperform
TWT-based amplifiers.
NEW! CREE® XP-L XLamp® High Intensity LEDs
Same XP-L Footprint.
>2x Performance Increase.
No, we don’t ever stop.
Cree innovation has just turbo-charged the XP-L. Our new high intensity class LEDs deliver more candelas through secondary optics than any single die LEDs on the market—including our own.

Boost performance, reduce size and lower system cost for track, outdoor and stadium lighting applications.

How the Cree Mosfet
Beats an IGBT

Watch the video to find out why...
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Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting products, LED components, and semiconductor products for power and radio-frequency (RF) applications.

Cree LED Bulbs for Consumers

Looks and lights like the light bulb you use today, but reduces energy cost and lasts 25 times longer.

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300-A Power Module Breaks Price/Performance Barrier in Power Conversion

All-SiC 62-mm power module reduces energy loss due to switching by more than 5 times compared to the equivalent silicon solution.

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