The NEW Cree ZR FD Series
Outstanding energy savings with better light destined to send energy-sapping fluorescent troffers down the tubes.

Cree Expands Portfolio of LEDs
for Horticulture Lighting
New XQ-E Photo Red LED Enables
More Effecient, Lower Cost Systems

Cree LN Series – Simply Beautiful Light
With its stunning swept-wing design and breakthrough WaveMax™ Technology, the LN Series creates beautifully quiet light with game-changing affordability.

Better Light
Changes Everything

At Cree, we believe LED technology will go beyond creating good light sources to deliver vastly improved and entirely new light experiences. We call this "better light" and believe it's your right. Watch as we show what better light can do for you.

Recent News

Cree Delivers Superior Energy Efficiency with Expanded ZR Series LED Troffer Portfolio
June 28, 2016
­Cree, Inc. expands the award-winning ZR Series LED troffer portfolio with the introduction of the new ZR FD LED Series, a commercial spec-grade troffer that delivers superior energy efficiency of 130 lumens per watt. This performance increase provides customers with up to 60 percent energy savings versus fluorescent troffers.
Cree Expands Portfolio of LEDs for Horticulture Lighting
June 21, 2016
­Cree, Inc. expands its industry-leading portfolio of LEDs optimized for horticulture lighting with the introduction of the new Cree XLamp XQ-E Photo Red LED.  The XQ-E Photo Red LED is capable of providing very high levels of growth-promoting light wavelengths from a footprint that is less than one-third the size of its closest competitor with similar output. 
Cree Redefines Price-Performance for High Power LEDs
June 15, 2016
­Cree, Inc. continues to lead high-power LED innovation with significant improvements to the popular XLamp XT-E LED.  Leveraging key elements of Cree’s SC5 Technology Platform, the upgraded XT-E LED family now includes a new High Efficacy option that delivers a 25 percent increase in efficacy compared to the previous XT-E LED and provides a guaranteed minimum efficacy of 164 LPW at 85°C and 350mA.

Cree LED Bulbs for Consumers bulbs
Looks and lights like the light bulb you use today, but reduces energy cost and lasts 25 times longer.
Cree Is Driving LED Lighting xlamps
Cree leads the industry in brightness, efficiency and reliability with its XLamp LEDs.
Cree Product Applications flashlight
Cree LEDs are application optimized to deliver the best luminaire performance and lower system cost.