Cree Expands 50V GaN HEMT Packaged Family
Cree 50V GaN HEMTs now available in 50-W, 30-W, and 100-W in metal flange and pill package. The unmatched transistors significantly improve the efficiency and bandwidth capabilities of multi-octave-bandwidth amplifiers and a wide range of L- and S-band products.

One GaN HEMT. Endless opportunities for DC-18GHz applications.
Cree GaN HEMT RF devices outperform other technologies and cover more frequency bands per amplifier to lower your capital expenses.
Cree Now Offers a New 200W GaN HEMT for Troposcatter, Satcom and Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS)

Our family of 50V
GaN-on-SiC HEMT die
just got bigger.
Cree GaN HEMTs outperform Si and GaAs
in hybrid amplifier designs to deliver higher
gain, efficiency, and power density while operating over a broad, instantaneous
frequency bandwidth.

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