Introducing the Next Generation of High-Power XP-L LEDs
New XP-L2 LEDs Offer Double the Lumen Density of Competing Products

Cree Named Cleveland Browns
Official Lighting Partner
Cree and the Cleveland Browns have partnered together
to deliver better fan experiences through better light.
Fans can now enjoy game day under the glow of newly installed Cree LED lighting.

Raising Expectations for LED Bulbs

The NEW portfolio of Cree LED bulbs now delivers even better light, better colors, better dimming, better lifetime, and better warranty. At even better prices.

The CPY Series Just Got a
Boost in the Right Direction
The upgraded 13,000 lumen CPY250 LED Canopy/Soffit luminaire improves efficacy by 20 percent and lowers operating costs for petroleum stations or drive-thru locations.

Better Light
Changes Everything

At Cree, we believe LED technology will go beyond creating good light sources to deliver vastly improved and entirely new light experiences. We call this "better light" and believe it's your right. Watch as we show what better light can do for you.

Recent News

Cree Announces the Next Generation of High-Power XP-L LEDs
September 21, 2016
­Cree, Inc. introduces the XLamp XP-L2 LED, delivering up to seven percent more lumens and 15 percent higher lumens-per-watt (LPW) than the industry-leading XP-L LED. Leveraging elements of Cree’s breakthrough SC5 Technology Platform, the high-power XP-L2 LED improves the lumen density, voltage characteristics and reliability of the XP-L LED in the proven XP package. 
Cleveland Browns
Cree Named Cleveland Browns Official Lighting Partner
September 19, 2016
­Cree, Inc. has been named the exclusive Official Lighting Partner of the Cleveland Browns. Cree and the Browns have partnered to continue to deliver a better fan experience with recent lighting improvements made to the Cree branded gate at FirstEnergy Stadium.
A19 Bulb
Cree Offers New Line of Better LED Bulbs
September 13, 2016
­Cree, Inc. announces a completely new portfolio of next generation LED bulbs aimed at delivering better light experiences for consumers. The new bulb portfolio consists of 25 new products, offering better light quality, better dimming, better lifetime, better warranty and better pricing to deliver on the true promise of LED technology to make lighting better than it was before.

Cree LED Bulbs for Consumers bulbs
Looks and lights like the light bulb you use today, but reduces energy cost and lasts 25 times longer.
Cree Is Driving LED Lighting xlamps
Cree leads the industry in brightness, efficiency and reliability with its XLamp LEDs.
Cree Product Applications flashlight
Cree LEDs are application optimized to deliver the best luminaire performance and lower system cost.