LEDs, or light–emitting diodes, are semiconductor devices that produce visible light when voltage is applied to them. Compared to traditional light sources, LEDs bring many advantages including higher efficacy, longer lifetime, instant-on, greater optical control, greater design flexibility, is dimmable and contains no mercury. This translates to energy savings, cost savings and environmental sustainability.

For further information about LED technology, check out the US Department of Energy.

Cree TrueWhite® Technology is a revolutionary way to generate white light with LEDs. It delivers high efficiency with beautiful light characteristics, while maintaining color consistency over the life of the product.

Cree TrueWhite® Technology begins with the highest performing commercially available LEDs. Cree TrueWhite® Technology mixes the light from red and unsaturated yellow LEDs to create beautiful, warm, white light. This patented approach enables color management to preserve high color consistency over the life of the product. Cree TrueWhite® Technology also enables a CRI of at least 90 while maintaining high luminous efficacy — a no-compromise solution.

Cree EasyWhite® Technology solves the problem of LED-to-LED color consistency by delivering pre-mixed LEDs to your color and brightness specifications. It’s as easy as picking a lightbulb.

Available in 2- and 4-step color temperatures, Cree EasyWhite® Technology can reduce LED-to-LED color variation to within a 2-step or 4-step MacAdam ellipse. EasyWhite 2-step bins match the color consistency delivered by incandescent light bulbs, providing the LED industry’s best color consistency. Cree EasyWhite® components are designed to be used as a single component in an LED design, which better emulates the single-filament appearance of incumbent lighting products. One component to place means simplified design and manufacturing.

Cree sells LEDs through distribution channels. Please visit our Where to Buy section to find a distributor/agent near you.

Yes, Cree sells drivers that are compatible with LMH2 LED modules and selected XLamp CXA LED Arrays.

In addition, many Cree Solution Providers offer drivers for LED luminaires.

Cree provides the LED components only. We do not make or sell any PCB boards or star boards for our LED components. The following companies provide device-mounting services:

Tel: (877) 237-8621
Email: feedback@arrow.com
Web: www.arrow.com/en/products/manufacturers/c/cree

701 Brooks Avenue South
Thief River Falls, MN 56701
Tel:  (800) 344-4539
Tel:  (218) 681-6674
Fax: (218) 681-3380
Web: www.digikey.com

ETG, Inc.
8599 Venice Blvd
Unit K
Los Angeles CA 90034
Tel: (310) 202-6400
Fax: (310) 202-6406
Email: info@etgtech.com
Web: www.etgtech.com

Web: www.farnell.com/cree

1000 North Main Street
Mansfield, TX 76063
Tel:  (800) 346-6873
Tel:  (817) 804-3888
Fax: (817) 804-3899
Email: sales @mouser.com
Web: www.mouser.com/cree/

225 Greenfield Parkway, Suite 106
Liverpool, NY 13088
Tel: (800) 2-NEWARK (800-263-9275)
Tel: (315) 457-4873
Fax: (315) 457-6096
Email: syracuse@newark.com
Web: www.newark.com/cree

5285 Hellyer Avenue
Suite 150
1 San Jose, CA 95138
Tel: 888-WPG-8881
Tel: 408-392-8100
Web: www.wpgamericas.com/WPGlighting/

Cree does not offer direct assistance with initial lighting design. However, Cree Integration Solutions Providers do offer design assistance.

Cree has a comprehensive suite of thermal, electrical, mechanical, photometric and optical tests for LED luminaires.

Cree Solution Providers offer a full range of LED lighting-system solutions and design assistance.

Cree closely controls the distribution of our LM-80 data files as there is concern that the files could end up in the public domain. We only provide our LM-80 data to those customers using our product in their luminaires and are seeking Energy Star approval. To request LM-80 data, please contact your Cree salesperson.

Further information on Cree’s LM-80 testing methodology can be found in our Lumen Maintenance Application Note.

Cree supplies LEDs to many flashlight manufacturers, but Cree does not manufacture or support flashlights.

You can find a list of some of companies that offer products with Cree LEDs on the Cree LEDs Branding page.

Cree demonstrates the following competitive advantages:

  • Broadest portfolio of high-performance, lighting-class LEDs
  • Most LEDs with LM-80 data available
  • Application-optimized LEDs
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Competitive pricing
  • Short lead time of 4-6 weeks
  • Local and worldwide support
  • World-class distribution network