Heat Sink, 70 W

Designed to be used with the 4000 and 6000 lm LMH2, Cree’s 70-W heat sink is part of the ecosystem of parts for the LMH2 LED module family to help lighting manufacturers speed their time to market. Cree’s heat sinks provide a simple and cost-effective method to improve the LMH2 thermal performance in various lighting applications. Most luminaire designs, regardless of source lumens, require the additional heat dissipation that can be provided by a heat sink. The 70-W heat sink is also compatible with Cree XLamp® CXA3050, CXB3050, CXA3070 and CXB3070 LED Arrays.


  • Optimized for the 4000 and 6000-lm LMH2 LED Module
  • Attaches to the upper face of the LMH2 LED module with 4 screws




Optimized For 4000 and 6000 lm LMH2 LED Module
Product Compatibility CXA3050 / CXB3050
CXA3070 / CXB3070
Thermal Load 70 W