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Employee Retention

Our employees are valued and critical to our success. Cree is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) employer, and employs regular full and part-time employees, as well as temporary and contract employees as necessary. Cree also has a rapidly-developing intern program. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Cree and get to know some of our great employees on our Careers page!

Cree has initiatives in place to reduce our global employee turnover rates, which are monitored and reported on quarterly. Cree’s strategy for employee retention includes converting contract workers to full-time Cree employees in 2018 and promoting internal mobility. Cree’s goal is to ensure employees can find development and career growth without having to leave Cree. Some of Cree’s employee retention initiatives include:

  • Developing a culture of promoting employees from within. To provide upward mobility within Cree, our goal is for more experienced positions to be filled internally.
  • Developing a Career Pathing program. The program communicates the minimum qualification required for each position level and how employees can grow in their careers.
  • Posting new jobs to employees first. All employees can view and apply for jobs for a period of two weeks before Cree posts the job externally.
  • Offering workshops and guidance to employees on how to enhance their resume for seeking other jobs within Cree. During these workshops, employees receive one-on-one attention from a recruiter.
  • Targeting the recruitment of college graduates for entry-level positions. Cree launched its first formal internship program in 2018. Learn more about our Internship program here!

Diversity & Inclusion

Cree is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion encompassing all employee differences and identities. We embrace and encourage our employees’ differences in age, race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, religion, religious creed, disability, marital status, Vietnam era (US only) or disabled veteran status, military status or veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, genetic information, or any other category or classification protected by federal, state, or local law. All employees should be able to enjoy a work environment free from all forms of discrimination from managers, co-workers, vendors, consultants, visitors, customers of, or anyone otherwise associated with Cree.

Cree Women's Initiative logo

In 2018, we launched the Cree Women’s Initiative. The Women’s Initiative was created in recognition of the value women bring to Cree and companies globally. Our goals are to attract and retain top talent, including women, and to cultivate and celebrate the rich diversity of thought, perspectives and life experiences so critical to Cree’s success. Through programs and events sponsored by the Women’s Initiative, we get to know each other better across organizations and functions, and promote balance and effectiveness in our professional and personal lives, as well as in service to our communities.

Our mission is to encourage, develop, and support women who will lead the way in innovation and execution in every aspect of our business and community. Our vision is to create an environment where everyone’s perspectives, ideas, and contributions matter. Diversity at all levels will create better results for our company.

In 2019, the Women’s Initiative hosted Cree’s first Inclusion & Diversity Conference at its Durham, NC headquarters. The conference explored workplace-related topics on cultivating and celebrating the rich diversity of thought, perspectives and life experiences so critical to our success, including what it means to be intentional about diversifying through inclusion.

Cree’s internship program has also focused its attention toward increasing diversity. From 2018 to 2019, we more than doubled the intern population, extended the program internationally and increased the diversity rate by 25%.

Employee Engagement

In 2017, we held our first employee engagement initiative consisting of one-on-one email communication with Cree’s CEO. We completed our first formal enterprise employee engagement survey in 2018, receiving more than 2,500 responses from employees. The purpose of the survey was to measure the employee experience in several key areas and to identify improvement opportunities. The survey questions addressed:

  • Our culture change progress in light of our company values
  • Effectiveness of tools and training
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Recognition for a job well done
  • Employee awareness of the direction and strategy of the organization
  • Opportunities for career growth

Results of the survey have indicated positive steps and the areas in which Cree can improve. Employee feedback has helped shaped Cree’s evolving culture, resulted in updated time off and attendance policies, the creation of new training opportunities, and many other initiatives.


Cree offers a benefit package designed to promote the physical and emotional well-being and financial health of our employees. Unless otherwise noted, the following benefits are offered to all Cree US employees who work more than 30 hours per week. Cree employees working outside of the US are eligible for country-specific benefits, which include statutorily-mandated benefits and supplemental programs.

Health and Wellness

  • Medical, dental, insurance
  • Life and accidental death & dismemberment insurance
  • Flexible savings plans
  • Short & long-term disability
  • Employee assistance program
  • Wellness program
  • On-site cafeteria (Durham, NC and Huizhou, China)
  • Fitness centers (Durham, NC)
  • Fitness center reimbursement program


  • Bonuses Based on Company and Individual Performance
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (full-time employees only)
  • Employee Referral Bonuses

Education and Training

  • Education Reimbursement
  • On- and Off-Site Training Opportunities


  • Retirements Savings Plans
  • College Savings Plan

Time Off

  • Paid Time Off (Vacation) and Paid Holidays
  • Leave Programs (Parental, Military)
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Training and Development

Cree is committed to offering an environment in which employees are ensured equal job opportunities and have a chance for advancement. Approximately 70% of Cree employees receive performance and career development reviews at least once per year and many employees receive one-on-one performance feedback on a quarterly basis.

Our educational assistance program is designed to support the skill development and knowledge that will have a direct positive impact on Cree. The program encourages self-development for a current assignment or expanded job responsibilities in the future. Employees are encouraged to seek out higher-education degree programs that will aid in their current role and better qualify them for new assignments. To take advantage of this benefit, employees must be US-based employees and have been employed with Cree for at least six months. Educational expenses that are reimbursable include professional exam costs, registration fees, tuition, required texts/books/materials, lab fees, entrance/placement exams upon completion, and other fees and materials. In 2018, Cree reimbursed employees $137,218 for their participation in educational assistance programs!

We also offer a variety of training and growth opportunities through onsite and offsite classes to support employee development. Some of our training opportunities include:

Leadership Development
Lead the Way (LTW)1
Training program designed for new managers of employees and is broken into three separate classes. This program helps new leaders learn about the tactical aspects of leading people.
Leadership Fundamentals1
Training program designed to help leaders affect culture change and develop skills to be better leaders. The program is designed around the four pillars of Cree’s Culture: Lead, Support, Communicate and Trust.
Leadership Development Program1
Guided program where executive staff receive executive coaching and personalized developmental program to help align their skills with the culture of Cree.
Personal and Professional Development
On-The-Job Training (OJT)2
Program designed to help new operators develop the skills needed to perform their job functions while on-the-job. The program allows operators to work alongside an experienced operator/trainer.
Orientation II2
Programs designed to give employees a better understanding of what Cree does globally. During the program we explore what Cree does and how the employee fits in. We also develop basic skills with employees and help the employee integrate the skills learned into their current job function. We also expose the employee to the Cree values and our corporate culture.
Project Management1
Training programs designed to help the employee develop the skills needed to manage projects more effectively.
English as a Second Language (ESL) 3
Training program focused on helping speakers of non-English languages to better their communications skills by practicing the English language. The program includes didactic and hands-on portions.
Lunch and Learns2
Short in-person developmental courses designed to help employees build and/or reinforce basic concepts.
Site- Specific Role Playing2
Program designed to help individual sites deal with issues and difficult conversations that are specific to that department or business unit.
Program designed to guide new graduates hired to Cree. The participants will rotate through various job roles within the same classification to get a well-rounded view of what that classification entails.
Wellness Workshops2
Program designed to focus on all aspects of our employees’ wellbeing. Topics include Injury Prevention and Exercise, Stress Management, Understanding Diversity, and much more. Cree hosts Wellness Workshops every month.
Financial Workshops2
Program designed to focus on employees’ financial wellbeing. Topics include Financial Health, Budgeting and Saving, Preparing for Retirement, and much more. Cree hosts Financial Workshops every month.
Leadership Development
JMP Training1
Training on statistical analysis software to help with mission critical calculations and analytics.
DDI Micro Courses1
Short web-based courses designed to help employees build and/or reinforce basic concepts.
8D Training1
The 8D (Eight Disciplines) Problem Solving Process is a team oriented and structured problem-solving methodology that is mainly used to identify, correct and eliminate recurring problems. The 8D Problem Solving Process focuses on the origin of the problem by determining root causes, and establishes corrective and preventive actions.
Core Tool Training1
Training on developing employees’ skills in quality by learning quality standards. Employees also learn new tools and how utilize tools they currently have to quickly and more efficiently solve problems.

1 Training class is offered at all Cree global sites.
2 Training class is offered at all Cree US sites.
3 Training class is offered at Cree Durham, NC sites.

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