Product Sustainability

Our product sustainability goals are simple: enable our customers to invent power and wireless systems for a responsible, energy efficient future. We are committed to responsibly managing our products from cradle to grave as we lead the innovation and commercialization of Silicon Carbide and GaN.

EVs and EV Charging

Wolfspeed’s Gen3 Silicon Carbide MOSFETs enable faster, more efficient charging and increase power density of the electric circuits while reducing range anxiety. Learn more here.

5G Telecom

Wolfspeed products allow 5G to transmit more data at faster speeds and with greater precision. GaN on Silicon Carbide has demonstrated to be a better solution overall for wireless communications because of its thermal conductivity, materials matching, efficient and total lifecycle cost.

Solar Energy

Solar power systems designed around Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide offer huge efficiency gains and permit smaller system size, weight and cost, increasing solar energy adoption worldwide.


We help lower the cost of LED-assisted greenhouses, meaning a competitive advantage for growers, especially in Europe and other colder climates. The ability to grow crops in a more controlled greenhouse environment may also reduce the need for pesticides and other expensive and potentially dangerous chemicals.

Data Centers

Silicon Carbide based products are expected to result in 620 billion kWh of energy savings for US data centers from 2010 to 2020, which is equivalent to powering 560 million homes in the US for one year.

LED Specialty Applications

Cree LEDs are optimized for indoor and outdoor, full-color video screens and billboards, providing super-bright light from little power.

Cree LEDs are incorporated into the first complete high definition (HD) LED array solution for automotive lighting systems. Compared to other HD systems, the module is easier to integrate into all vehicle classes due to its smaller size and weight.

Product Ecology

You can find Cree and Wolfspeed's REACh and RoHS declarations grouped with the individual products to which they apply. To see a list of products and their associated documents, click on one of the following product lines:

Product End of Life

Recommendations for End-of-Life treatment of Cree products

Cree's product families include power devices, RF devices, LED chips, and LED components. Even though Cree’s products have a long life, all good things do come to an end of their useful life. How should our products be disposed of when removed from service?

All Cree products are electronic components and should be considered for electronics recycling when feasible. Disposing of electronic waste in landfills is banned in many locations. In some areas of the world, depending on the recycle vendors available, individual LEDs and power and RF devices may not be able to be recycled due to their small size and product composition. You are encouraged to check your local regulations or with your local recyclers for advice on disposal of these components.

Have any questions about how to recycle your Cree products? Please contact