Cree, a leader in advanced lighting and technologies, endorses the following Corporate Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Policy for all Cree sites.

It is Cree’s EHS policy to:

  • Design and develop products that realize energy efficiency, minimize environmental impacts, and have sustainable life cycles.
  • Continually improve our EHS performance and reduce the overall impacts of our manufacturing processes.

To ensure that Cree can implement these policies and standards, Cree is dedicated to

  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees
  • Complying with regulatory and other requirements
  • Using natural resources, energy and materials efficiently
  • Substituting sustainable resources in place of non-renewable resources
  • Reusing or recycling materials wherever technically possible and economically reasonable
  • Minimizing waste and disposing of waste safely and responsibly
  • Sourcing raw material responsibly
  • Implementing specific measures to prevent and minimize hazards to humans and the environment including pollution prevention