Cree endorses and adheres to Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) standards for all Cree sites.  It is Cree’s EH&S goal to design and develop products safely, that realize energy efficiency, minimize environmental impacts, and have sustainable life cycles.  In this manner, the Company is continuously improving our EH&S performance and reducing the overall impacts of our manufacturing processes.  To further ensure that Cree can implement such standards, Cree is dedicated to:

  • providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees;
  • complying with regulatory and other requirements;
  • using natural resources, energy, and materials efficiently;
  • substituting sustainable resources in place of non-renewable resources;
  • reusing or recycling materials wherever technically possible and economically reasonable;
  • minimizing waste and disposing of waste safely and responsibly;
  • sourcing raw material responsibly;
  • implementing specific measures to prevent and minimize hazards to humans; and the environment including pollution prevention; and
  • consulting with and encouraging the participation of workers and workers’ representatives, as applicable.