Why Cree Power

Superior Materials Make the Difference

The superior performance of silicon carbide makes Cree Power devices more efficient than similar products using silicon. 

10X the breakdown field of Si

  • For the same breakdown voltage
    • Lower specific on-resistance
    • Faster switching

3X the thermal conductivity of Si

  • Higher current densities

3X the bandgap of Si

  • Higher temperature operation
Continuing R&D
  • More than 88 patents have been issued to Cree for Power devices alone. 
  • Cree was the first to 75-mm, 100-mm and now 150-mm SiC wafers. For customers, 150-mm wafers mean lower production costs and lower cost to you.
  • Cree recently introduced the industry’s first SiC MOSFETs, which provide the highest energy efficiency and fastest switching speeds versus any comparable silicon power switch.

Browse through this website to learn why Cree Power devices are chosen by 9 out of 10 of the top power-supply and solar-inverter makers world-wide.