1.2-kV, 100-A, Silicon Carbide, 50-mm, Half-Bridge Module

Not recommended for new designs. Replacement part: CAS120M12BM2


  • Enables compact and lightweight systems
  • High-efficiency operation
  • Mitigate over-voltage protection
  • Ease of transistor gate control
  • Reduces thermal requirements
Module Size 87.5 x 50 mm
Configuration Half-bridge
Blocking voltage 1200
Current Rating 105 A
RDS (on) 16 mΩ
Maximum Case Temperature 125 °C
Switching Energy ESW 3.5 mJ (Tj = 150°C)
Reverse Recovery Charge QRR 1.6 µC (Tj = 150°C)
Recommended for New Designs No
Package Module
Total Capacitive Charge (QC (typ)) 1.6 nC
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