Cree Energy-Efficiency Icon Art Installation


It all started with a quest to develop a symbol to represent LED light. Everyone thinks of the traditional Edison light bulb when they think of incandescent light. And many people think of that swirly compact fluorescent bulb when they think of fluorescent lighting. But what image represents LED light?
Iconathon art display
In February 2012, a group of designers, artists and other people interested in energy-efficiency came together to answer that question. The resulting design is now the center of the Cree Energy Efficiency Icon Art Installation at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC.

The art installation helps raise awareness about the importance of saving energy, and in particular educates viewers about LED lighting technology.




All of the symbols featured in the art installation emerged earlier this year from an “Iconathon,” a day-long collaborative workshop sponsored by Cree and led by The Noun Project. The Iconathon engaged local designers to develop universal symbols for energy-efficient technologies and engaging designers in the Triangle and around the world.


All of the icons are available for free public download.


The Cree Energy-Efficiency Icon Art Installation is on display in the pedestrian corridor linking the Raleigh Marriott City Center and the Raleigh Convention Center.