Cree Lighting Experience Centers

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Lighting Experience Center

See Why "Cree IS LED Lighting" at our Lighting Experience Centers

Cree drives LED adoption through groundbreaking advancements in LED lighting technology. Our state-of-the-art Lighting Experience Centers are the expression of Cree’s long history of innovation and commitment to delivering top-performing LED lighting products. The centers serve as interactive learning environments to teach visitors about LED lighting by experiencing the benefits first-hand.

Experience the Cree Epicenters for LED Lighting Knowledge & Innovation

Located at the Cree company headquarters in Durham, NC and at our Racine, WI facility, these state-of-the-art briefing centers are designed with innovation and high-energy collaboration in mind.

Our Lighting Experience Centers showcase Cree’s revolutionary, proven LED technology and lighting products through a unique variety of spaces and applications unlike any found in the lighting industry. From interactive learning kiosks and virtual desktop designing to an interactive “seeing is beliving” compare space, the centers are designed to immerse visitors in Cree’s industry-leading technology and products. At the centers, Cree hosts a variety briefing and workshops taught by industry-leading professionals. Guests learn about Cree’s LED lighting technology, including factory tours to see how LEDs and LED lighting products are made. The experiences and knowledge acquired here are designed to keep Cree customers and industry guests on the cutting edge of the latest breakthroughs in LED lighting.

Visits to the centers are by invitation only. Contact your Cree agent, distributor or sales person to book a briefing today.