Cree Edge High Output Area

It’s a Brand New Night in High Output (HO) Lighting.

The Cree Edge High Output featuring TrueWhite® Technology provides remarkable illumination and redefines what high output illumination performance can be. By incorporating TrueWhite Technology, the Edge High Output luminaire brings industry-leading 90 CRI color quality and performance to outdoor lighting applications, delivering superior color rendering with unprecedented high-output 5000K illumination. Designed for automotive dealership front lines, exterior retail applications and other high-lumen applications requiring high color quality, the Cree Edge High Output featuring TrueWhite Technology showcases inventory in vivid light while saving significantly on energy and maintenance costs compared to the metal halide fixtures they replace.
  • Utilizes BetaLED® Technology
  • Utilizes Cree TrueWhite Technology on 5000K Luminaires
  • Low Profile Modular Design
  • Rugged Aluminum Housing
  • UL Wet Listed
  • Exclusive Colorfast DeltaGuard® finish
  • Photometric testing to IESNA-LM-79-08 standards
  • CCT: 5700K (+ / - 500K) Standard, 5000K (+ / - 300K), 4000K (+ / - 300K)
  • CRI: Minimum 70 CRI (4000K & 5700K); 90 CRI (5000K)
  • WARRANTY: Cree offers industry-leading limited product warranties. Visit our warranty webpage for more information on this product. 


Cree Edge High Output Area

Optic Mounting LED Count (x10) Voltage Color Options Drive Current Options

Type I Short

Type II Medium

Type II Medium w/ BLS*

Type II Medium w/ Partial BLS*

Type II Short

Type II Short w/ BLS*

Type II Short w/ Partial BLS*

Type III Medium

Type III Medium w/ BLS*

Type III Medium w/ Partial BLS*

Type IV Medium

Type IV Medium w/ BLS*

Type IV Medium w/ Partial BLS*

Type V Medium

Type V Short

Automotive FrontlineOptic


Adjustable Arm

Direct Mount




120 - 277V

347- 480V









4000K Color Temperature (minimum 70 CRI)

5000K Color Temperature (Minimum 90 CRI; featuring Cree TrueWhite Technology)

0-10V Dimming


NEMA Photocell Receptacle


Uplight Configuration 

* Not available with UH voltage

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