LMD600 Driver (1700 mA)

One LED module. Many applications.

Cree LMD600 Driver is a universal driver that is designed to power the new 6000-lumen LMH2 LED Module. The LMD600 Driver is also compatible with Cree XLamp® CXA3050, CXB3050, CXA3070 and CXB3070 LED Arrays. Dimmable to one percent, the LMD600 is optimized for a controllable, indoor architectural environment. The LMD600 can also handle up to 90°C case temperature and has a low-voltage limited-energy (LVLE) driver rating that does not require special enclosures or large-gauge wires, delivering design flexibility and a low system cost for lighting manufacturers.


  • Optimized for 6000-lm LMH2 LED Module





Optimized For 6000 lm LMH2 LED Module
Product Compatibility CXA3050 / CXB3050
CXA3070 / CXB3070
Input Voltage Options 100 –- 277 V
Drive Current 1700 mA
Driver Efficacy 87 % (@ 55°C) with 6000-lm LMH2
Dimming 0/1-10 V


Input-voltage options Dimming Lowest light level
100 -– 277 V 0/1 -– 10 V 1%


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