Technical Leadership

Higher Performance, Lower System Cost 

Cree delivers high performance LEDs that reduces the number of LEDs and supporting components to enable lower system cost. The new generation of Cree XLamp LEDs is built on Cree’s revolutionary SC3 Technology™ Platform, to deliver the highest performance at a significantly lower price. The innovative platform leverages Cree’s advanced silicon-carbide technology, features advancements in LED chip architecture and phosphor and boasts a new package design to deliver the most-advanced LED components in the industry.

Optimized Solutions

The right LED for your applications lowers your total system cost. For example, Cree High-Voltage White LEDs enable driver circuits that are up to 10% lower cost, 15% smaller size, 10% cooler and 20% more efficient than the circuits for standard-voltage LEDs. Most recently, Cree reached an LED industry milestone with the MK-R LED, which delivers up to 200 lumens per watt.

Cree High-Brightness LEDs are optimized for video screens, high-resolution displays, channel lighting, and decorative and architectural lighting applications – whether indoors or out. 

Cree LED Modules provide a fully integrated solution to enable you to get your LED luminaires to market quickly – just drop it into your next luminaire design and you’ll get industry leading performance,
product consistency and longevity.

Simplified Design

Cree works with you to turn the LED lighting revolution into reality. For example, Cree offers the most LM 80 data for its products and the most reference designs to help you integrate LEDs into your applications.

Cree is also the first LED manufacturer to:

  • Characterize and bin LEDs at 85°C to simplify luminaire-design calculations. 
  • Bin LEDs in the way that the lighting market wants to buy them, in ANSI bins. 
  • Sell LEDs the same way you buy traditional light bulbs, just specific lumen output and color temperature. 
  • Offer the industry’s smallest ANSI-compliant warm and neutral LED bins, now the industry standard.
  • Eliminate binning for LED components with innovative EasyWhite color-mixing technology.
  • Deliver incandescent color consistency with Cree EasyWhite 2-step.
  • Introduce comprehensive LED-luminaire testing and evaluation services.

Relentless innovation

Cree’s continued R&D efforts recently achieved a record-breaking efficacy of 254 lumens per watt for a white power LED, which surpassed Cree’s previous industry-leading record of 231 lumens. Most recently, Cree reached an LED industry milestone with the MK-R LED, which delivers up to 200 lumens per watt.

With more than 1500 patents issued and over 2000 patents pending, Cree delivers products designed to accelerate LED adoption and push the boundaries of what’s possible with LED lighting.