Cree Lighting Applications Builder (LAB)

Cree LED Applications Builder
Cree LAB simplifies the component-selection process for building many LED luminaires
  • Provides Cree’s recommended LEDs for specific designs
  • Delivers optimized solutions for different market needs
  • Integrates specific and relevant Cree Solution Provider information

Lighting manufacturers can select LED solutions that are optimized to deliver the lowest cost, ease-of-design or performance for the specific lighting application. 

LAB accelerates the design process further by providing all the product details and design assumptions such as the product order code, number of LEDs, drive current, CCT, CRI and more. 

The recommended LED solution also includes links to relevant complementary products such as optics, thermal, chemical, interconnects and drivers from third‑party manufacturers in the Cree Solution Provider Program.

Cree Driver Compatibility Program Tool (DCP Tool)

Driver Compatibility Tool

The DCP Tool contains searchable data of all drivers that have been submitted by driver manufacturers under the Cree Driver Compatibility Program. The tool includes third-party drivers that have been found compatible with Cree LED products. Use the tool to find drivers that can help you address the unique requirements of different market regions and lighting applications. 

Cree Product Characterization Tool (PCT)
Identifies the best Cree Xlamp LEDs for your design

The PCT allows you to select from multiple lighting-system design parameters to compare up to three LED models simultaneously to help in making critical design choices.

For all valid LED drive currents, the PCT quickly and easily does the following:

  • Shows all critical LED design parameters, such as luminous flux and efficacy, for selected LED models
  • Performs de-rating calculations based on junction temperature (Tj)
  • Calculates LED valuations, such as lumens per dollar (lm/$)
  • Estimates simple LED design parameters, such as the number of LEDs required and total power consumption

Cree Binonator
Color-mixing tool

In multi-LED designs, buying full distributions of LEDs and mixing the LEDs offers a flexible and cost-effective way to achieve good and repeatable color consistency. Cree Binonator calculates and displays the chromaticity and flux results that come from mixing multiple LEDs from different chromaticity and flux bins.

Cree Binonator allows you to:

  • Specify and visualize an N-step MacAdam ellipse around a series of correlated-color temperatures, centered on the black-body line.
  • Specify a series of LEDs each with associated color and flux bins.
  • Calculate the resulting flux and color point.
  • Display graphical results.
  • Save a recipe file for use at a later time.

Version: 1.6; Last update: 05/23/2012