Driving LED adoption is not a new concept to Cree. In fact, Cree was the first in the industry to introduce lighting-class performance, ANSI binning, 85°C binning and characterization, application optimization, color consistency and incandescent quality with Cree EasyWhite® 2 Step, and LED luminaire testing and evaluation services. It's no wonder Cree is leading the LED lighting revolution.

The new generation of Cree XLamp LEDs is built on the industry's most advanced LED technology, the Cree SC3 Technology™ Platform, to deliver the highest performance at a significantly lower price.

The Cree SC3 Technology Platform Redefines LED Price and Performance


Discrete LEDs

High-Voltage White LEDs

EasyWhite® Array LEDs

XB-D: up to 148 LPW
XP-E2: up to 143 LPW
XP-G2: up to 165 LPW
XM-L2: up to 186 LPW
XT-E: up to 162 LPW
XQ-B: up to 160 LPW
XQ-D: up to 130 LPW

XM-L: up to 153 LPW
XT-E: up to 162 LPW

MT-G2: up to 150 LPW
MK-R: up to 200 LPW

Redefining price and
Delivering high lumens
and high efficacy
Unmatched brightness, color, 
quality and consistency