XLamp LEDs

Cree XLamp® LEDs deliver the industry’s best lighting-class performance and are application-optimized to enable the lowest system cost. Cree XLamp LEDs are easy-to-choose, easy-to-use and designed to deliver beautiful, long-lasting, energy-efficient light.

LED Modules

Cree LED Modules provide a fully integrated solution for lighting designers and manufacturers who want to add LED lighting options to their existing product portfolio and get to market fast. Backed by Cree’s technology, warranty and brand, Cree LED Modules allow lighting manufacturers and designers to focus on what they do best – designing luminaires, while Cree delivers the industry-leading LED technology. 

High-Brightness LEDs

Cree High-Brightness LEDs are optimized for your video screen, high resolution display, channel lighting, decorative and architectural lighting applications. Cree High-Brightness LEDs utilize proven technology to lower your system costs and provide the performance, durability and energy efficiency that you need.