XT290 AuSn LED Chips

XThin LEDs

Cree’s XThin® LEDs are the next generation of solid-state LED emitters that combine highly efficient InGaN materials with Cree’s proprietary G•SiC® substrate to deliver superior price/performance for high-intensity LEDs. These LED chips have a geometrically enhanced Epi-down design to maximize light extraction efficiency and require only a single wire bond connection. These vertically structured LED chips are approximately 115 microns in height and require a low forward voltage. Cree’s XT™ chips are tested for conformity to optical and electrical specifications and the ability to withstand 1000-V ESD. 

Applications for XThin LEDs include next-generation mobile appliances for use in their LCD backlights and digital camera flash where brightness, sub-miniaturization, and low power consumption are required.


  • XThin LED performance
    • 460 & 470 nm
      • XT-12™: 12.0 mW min.
      • XT-16™: 16.0 mW min. 
      • XT-18™: 18.0 mW min.
      • XT-21™: 21.0 mW min.
      • XT-24™: 24.0 mW min.
    • 505 nm: 8.5 mW min.
    • 527 nm: 7.0 mW min.
  • Thin 115-μm chip
  • Low forward voltage: 3.2 typical at 20 mA
  • Single wire bond structure
  • Class 2 ESD rating

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