RT260 Gen 3
20-mA LED Chips

RazerThin Generation 3

Cree’s RazerThin® LEDs are a new generation of solid-state LED emitters that combine highly efficient InGaN materials with Cree’s proprietary G•SiC® substrate to deliver superior price/performance for high-intensity blue and green LEDs. These vertically structured LED chips are approximately 95 microns in height and require a low forward voltage. Cree’s RazerThin series chips have the ability to withstand 1000 V ESD.


  • Thin 95-μm chip
  • Reduced forward voltage: 3.2 V typical at 20 mA
  • RazerThin LED performance
    •  460 nm – 12 mW min.
    •  470 nm – 10 mW min.
    •  527 nm – 5 mW min.
  • Single wire bond structure
  • Class 2 ESD rating


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