RT230 5-mA LED Chips

RazerThin LEDs

Cree’s RazerThin® LEDs combine highly efficient InGaN materials with Cree’s proprietary G•SiC® substrate to deliver superior price/performance for blue and green LEDs. These vertically structured LED chips are small in size and require a low forward voltage. Cree’s RT series chips are tested for conformity to optical and electrical specifications and the ability to withstand 1000 V ESD. 

Applications include keypad backlighting where sub-miniaturization and thinner form factors are required.


  • Small chip - 200 x 200 x 85 μm
  • Low forward voltage
     - 2.9 V typical at 5 mA
  • RT230™ LED performance
     - 2.0 mW min. blue (455-475 nm)
     - 1.5 mW min. green (520-535 nm & 500- 510 nm)
  • Single wire bond structure
  • Class 2 ESD rating


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