Driver Compatibility Program (DCP)


Cree Driver Compatibility Program (DCP) identifies third-party drivers and determines the compatibility with Cree LED products. The DCP helps establish a larger solid-state lighting ecosystem, matching Cree LED products with compatible third-party drivers and Cree customers with driver manufacturers, enabling everyone to win in the LED revolution.

Benefits to driver manufacturers

For driver manufacturers, the DCP provides early access to Cree’s LED product roadmap, determines driver compatibility, identifies market needs and increases product and company visibility to Cree’s customers, expanding their market and enabling them to better serve lighting manufacturers.

Benefits to lighting manufacturers

For lighting manufacturers, the program provides access to a wide range of third-party drivers, greater design flexibility and enables a shorter design cycle to get products to market faster. By leveraging the variety of technology and performance features of third-party drivers, the DCP enables lighting manufacturers to quickly address the unique requirements of different market regions and lighting applications, further differentiating their products and bringing new luminaires to market faster.

Submission Process

The process for driver manufacturers to submit drivers is easy. If you are submitting drivers for the first time, please register to get started. If you are already registered, please log in to submit your driver data. The submitted driver data will be “listed” in the Driver Compatibility List (DCP Tool) that is viewable and searchable by Cree customers.