Cree has invested significant resources in developing new technologies to lead the LED lighting revolution. Cree’s technologies encompass new materials systems, such as Group III nitrides and silicon carbide, compound semiconductor devices for LED lighting, wireless and power applications, and LED-based systems, such as LCD backlighting systems and general illumination systems. Cree continues to invest in research and development to enable new products and facilitate market growth. Cree chooses to protect many of its innovations by obtaining patents. As of January 2015, Cree has more than

  • 1,482 issued U.S. patents 
  • 2,582 issued foreign patents 
  • 996 pending U.S. applications 
  • 2,145 pending foreign applications 

Cree may choose to partner with other parties and promote the use of its proprietary technology through intellectual property licensing. A license to Cree's patents can enable other companies to improve existing products, enter new markets or speed time-to-market of new products. 

A description of the licensing programs offered by Cree may be found on the Cree Licensing Programs web page. Should you wish to explore licensing Cree technology, including programs not described on the Cree Licensing Programs web page, please send us an email describing your interest to

A list of Cree licensees may be found on this website on the Cree Licensees web page. With this information you can ensure that you are receiving licensed products from your supplier. Cree trademark information may be found on the Trademark web page.