2nd-Generation Z-FET®
25-mΩ, 1200-V, SiC MOSFET


  • High-speed switching with low capacitances
  • High blocking voltage with low RDS(on)
  • Easy to parallel and simple to drive
  • Resistant to latch-up
  • Avalanche ruggedness

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pdf "Cree Gen2 MOSFET in 10kW Boost converter for PV inverter and EV applications"

Package  TO-247-3 
Blocking voltage  1200 V 
Current rating  60 A (TC < 100°C) 
RDS(on) 25 mΩ (TC < 25°C)
Gate charge total  161 nC 
Total switching energy loss 1.7 mJ 
Maximum junction temperature  150°C 
Recommended for new designs?  Yes 

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