Cree/Buildings Webinar: How LEDs Solve the Parking Space Predicament

December 15, 2015

Online Webinar


Businesses in all markets are learning the importance of providing an inviting, safe and secure parking experience. Whether the parking area is used for patrons, staff or visitors; see what a difference LED lighting can make to positively affect your expense line, virtually eliminate maintenance costs, and most importantly, change the age-old negative impressions that visitors may have of your parking spaces.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the history of Parking Area lighting and the standards setting the guidance for proper parking area lighting.
  • Follow the evolution of the parking fixture and the dilemma facility and building managers are facing when faced with a decision to re-lamp or retrofit their spaces.
  • See how simple LED technology transforms an uninviting space to one that delivers a sense of safety and security.
  • Hear several case studies showing the smooth transition, the short payback and the personal payoff of upgrading to LEDs.

HOST: John Casadonte, Vertical Marketing Manager
DATE: Tuesday, December 15 TIME: 1-2p EST