Lutron EcoSystem Enabled

Lutron EcoSystem® Embedded Control Technology

New Lutron EcoSystem® Enabled Cree LED luminaires offer the most sophisticated total lighting system available today. Each luminaire with embedded Lutron EcoSystem® technology is designed with an intelligent, pre-tested microprocessor directly integrated into the Cree® LED driver. This design eliminates the need for additional interfaces, enabling the fixture and controls to communicate directly with each other for instant and seamless interoperability.

Now you can easily enjoy the superior quality and performance advantages of Cree TrueWhite® Technology and Cree BetaLED® Technology, plus all of the scalable savings solutions that come with Lutron EcoSystem® controls.  

  • Enables continuous dimming to 5%
  • Works seamlessly with Lutron EcoSystem® Technology to enable total light management features:
    • High-end trim
    • Personal control
    • Occupancy & vacancy sensing
    • Light level scheduling
    • Daylight harvesting
    • Demand response
  • Fully integrated into fixture – no extra interfaces!
  • Compatible with multiple Cree LED luminaires
  • WARRANTY: Cree offers industry-leading limited product warranties. Visit our warranty webpage for more information on this product. 


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