Lighting Manufacturers


Cree has the broadest portfolio of application-optimized, lighting-class LED components that sets the industry’s benchmarks for performance, light quality and reliability. Cree’s innovative high-power LEDs continue to redefine what’s possible with LED lighting, improve system value and deliver better light without compromising performance or reliability.


Cree’s portfolio of ceramic high-power LEDs deliver industry’s best lumen maintenance and color stability even at high-stress conditions to enable lower system cost and long lifetimes. Cree’s industry-leading reliability is ideal for challenging applications like outdoor and high bay lighting where long lifetimes at high ambient temperatures matter.


With more than 4000 patents, Cree’s relentless innovation continues to push LED performance boundaries. Cree's continued R&D efforts recently achieved a record-breaking efficacy of 303 lumens-per-watt for a white power LED, which surpassed Cree's previous industry-leading record of 276 lumens-per-watt.


Cree's mission is to obsolete energy inefficient lighting. Cree does everything with this mission in mind. In fact, no other LED company has done as much as Cree to develop the LED lighting market and drive LED adoption.

Cree is the first LED manufacturer to:

  • Characterize and bin LEDs at 85°C to simplify luminaire-design calculations.
  • Bin LEDs in the way that the lighting market wants to buy them, in ANSI bins.
  • Sell LEDs the same way you buy traditional light bulbs, just specific lumen output and color temperature.
  • Offer the industry's smallest ANSI-compliant warm and neutral LED bins, now the industry standard.
  • Eliminate binning for LED components with innovative EasyWhite color-mixing technology.
  • Deliver incandescent color consistency with Cree EasyWhite 2-step.
  • Launch the industry's first Driver Compatibility Program for LED Modules

Cree also works to establish a larger solid-state lighting ecosystem to help lighting manufacturers find complementary components from third-party manufacturers that work with Cree LED products. Examples of this include the Cree Driver Compatibility Program (DCP) and the Cree LED Solution Provider (CSP) Program.

In addition, Cree helps LED lighting move into the mainstream by promoting good LED lighting. Cree does this through reference designs and the Cree LEDs Branding Program.