Lighting Buyers

Cree LEDs branded products are:

Powered by industry-leading LEDs, delivering high performance and first-class reliability

The Cree brand is synonymous with the highest-quality LED lighting. Cree LEDs define the metrics by which all other LEDs are measured. When you choose LED luminaires that are Cree LEDs branded, you don’t get hype. You get access to the unparalleled innovation and proven technology that delivers the industry's most-reliable and highest-performing LEDs. Cree makes the industry's best LED components for lighting applications such as street, outdoor area, stadium, retail spot and high-bay lighting.

Design verified by Cree

Cree is very selective in allowing companies to use the Cree LEDs brand. Not all Cree LEDs-based luminaires are eligible to use the Cree LEDs brand. Companies whose luminaires are illuminated with Cree LEDs and have been evaluated by Cree are eligible to apply to participate in the Cree LEDs Branding program.