Cree LEDs Branding Program and Partners

Cree LEDs Branding Partners

Cree LEDs can be found in numerous lighting products manufactured by many different companies. Manufacturers that use Cree LEDs in their products and have formally entered into a branding agreement with Cree are listed below (organized by application).

It is important to note that Cree does not manufacture products such as flashlights, agricultural grow lights or automotive lighting accessories. Please contact Cree Customer Service should you require further clarification.

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Cree LEDs Branding Partner Program

Cree is recognized in the industry by both lighting manufacturers and lighting customers for its technology, innovation, high-performing products as well as its commitment to driving LED lighting adoption. Cree’s strong brand position can increase the visibility and profitability of your products.

As an LEDs Branding Partner, you will:

  • Give your customers the confidence of knowing that your luminaire is powered with the highest-quality LEDs
  • Provide your customers with the assurance that your luminaire design has been evaluated by Cree
  • Benefit from branding your products with Cree LEDs logo
  • Benefit from branding your customer literature, product packaging and website content with the Cree LEDs logo
  • Gain exposure through Cree’s website

Please contact your Cree sales person for more information about joining the Cree LEDs Branding Program.