LED Chips

Cree is a leader in the solid-state lighting industry in the brightness and efficiency of LEDs. You can find Cree LEDs in a wide range of applications, including:

  Product Family
Applications EZ Large EZ Small DA-Large DA-Small TR UT RT
Auto - Headlamp/DRL/Fog X   X      
Auto - Interior Lighting X X X X X
BLU - TV, Monitor, Navigation X X X X X    
Gaming (Pachinko, Xbox, PSP, etc.) X X X X
General Lighting X X X X X  
Indicators - Appliance, Electronics       X X X X
IoT - Wearables X X X
Mobile - Flash X   X
Mobile - Keypad, Display       X X X  
Projection X   X    
Video Screens & Signs - Outdoor X X    
Video Screens & Signs - Indoor X X X X

For our customers, Cree LEDs provide critical benefits, such as

  • Super-bright light from little power
  • Easy fit into tight places
  • Simple thermal management