April Introduced XLamp XP-G3 LED
  Introduced TrueWhitePlus Technology
  Introduced SmartCast Manager
March Introduced RSW LED Street Luminaire
February Introduced SmartCast Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  Introduced TW Series PAR30 LED Bulb
  Introduced new brand Essentia By Cree
January Introduced XLamp XQ-A LEDs
September Introduced KR8 and LR6 LED downlights
  Introduced XLamp XQ-E High Intensity LEDs
  Announced Wolfspeed as new name for the Power and RF division of Cree
July Announced XLamp XHP35 family of LEDs
  Announced acquisition of APEI (Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.)
  Introduced TW Series LED Candelabra bulb
May  Introduced 350-W/50-Ω GaN HEMT and 500-W/50-Ω GaN HEMT

Introduced 900-V MOSFET platform
  Announced next-generation BR30 LED flood light
April Announced XLamp XP-L High Intensity LED
  Announced TrueWhite LEDs
  Introduced WaveMax Technology
  Introduced LR22 LED troffer
  Released LMH2+ LED Module family
March Released LED Rural Utility Light (RUL) Series
  Released TW Series LED T8 Tube Replacements
February Announced CXA2 LED Arrays 
January Announced XLamp MHD LEDs
Released Connected Cree LED Bulb
December Released XLamp XHP LEDs 
October Announced SC5 platform technology for LEDs
Released 1.2-kV, all-SiC, six-pack power module
Announced U.S. Department of Defense Manufacturing Readiness Level 8 Designation
September Announced ZR High-Efficacy LED troffer
Introduced 1.7-kV, all-SiC power module
Released XLamp MH-B LEDs
June Released three-way LED bulbs
May Released OSQ Series area luminaires
Introduced XLamp XM-L2 EasyWhite LEDs
Introduced XLamp XP-L LEDs
Released 62-mm half-bridge power module
Introduced GaN HEMT DFN product family
Released T8 Series replacement tubes
April Released PAR38 LED light bulb
Announced LS Series linear luminaire
March Announced 303 lumens/watt R&D LED
Released XLamp XB-H LEDs
Released 100-watt-equivalent LED light bulb
Introduced CPW5 SiC Schottky diodes
February Released XLamp CXA high-density LED arrays
Introduced Smartcast lighting controls 
January Introduced ZR Series of LED troffers
December Released 75-watt-equivalent LED light bulb 
October Introduced XLamp XP-G2 LEDs
September Introduced XLamp XQ-E LEDs
Released TrueWhite Series LED light bulbs
August Released VG Series of parking-garage lighting
July  Released BR30 LED flood light
June  Released UR Series LED upgrade kits 
May  Introduced XLamp XH family of LEDs
Released XLamp XP-E2 color LEDs 
Announced silicon-carbide six-pack power module 
Introduced CPY250 canopy lighting series  
March Released XLamp XQ family of LEDs
Released second-generation SiC MOSFETs
Released LED light bulbs (40-W and 60-W equivalents) for consumer market
February Introduced AR Series LED architectural troffers
Released KR Series LED downlight
Announced 276-lumen-per-watt R&D LED
January Introduced XSP Series LED street light
Released LR6-10L LED downlight
Launched Driver Compatiblility Program
Released LM16 LED replacement lamp
December Released 200-LPW XLamp MK-R LED
Released XLamp XM-L2 LED
November Released first commercially available all-SiC power module
October Introduced 50-V GaN HEMT devices
Announced XLamp CXA1507, CXA1512, CXA2520 and CXA2530 LED arrays
Announced XLamp XB-D color LEDs and XM-L multi-color LEDs
September Released XLamp XP-E2 LED
August Announced 150-mm 4H n-type silicon-carbide epitaxial wafers
Introduced THE EDGE high-output area and flood light LED luminaires
July Announced 170 lumen-per-watt prototype LED light bulb
Released XLamp XP-G2 LED
June Announced 0.25-um GaN HEMT die product family
Announced 60-W GaN HEMT Psat transistor
Introduced X-band GaN HEMT power transistors
May Introduced KR Series of LED luminaires
Released SR Series of LED architectural downlights
Announced family of 50A silicon-carbide (SiC) devices
Announced CS Series of LED linear luminaires
April Announced TEMPO 24 LED-luminaire testing
Announced 254-lumen-per-watt LED
Released XLamp MT-G2 LED
Released XSP series of LED street lights
Announced SC3 Technology Platform for LEDs
Released Aeroblades series of luminaires
February Released XLamp® XT-E White LED
Released packaged 1700-V SiC Schottky diodes
January Released XLamp XB-D LED
December Released Screen Master® C4SMT LED
November Released LED Module LMH2
Ruud Lighting subsidiary announced 208,000-square-foot facility expansion
October Released XLamp XT-E and XM-L High-Voltage LEDs
September Launched Cree Services with TEMPO testing for LED-based fixtures
August Announced the acquisition of Ruud Lighting, Inc.
Announced commercial availability of XLamp® XT-E Royal Blue LEDs
Announced a prototype LED bulb that exceeds DOE's 21st Century Lamp L Prize requirements
June Announced a new family of seven 1200-V Z-Rec™ silicon carbide Schottky diodes
Announced the visit of President Barack Obama
Demonstrated a GaN HEMT MMIC high-power amplifier (HPA) for satellite communication applications
May Announced a 1200-V SiC MOSFET
Announced LED Module LMR4
Demonstrated a 231-lumens-per-watt, white, power LED
April Announced the release of Screen Master® CLX6A-FKB LEDs
Announced the availability of the CR family of architectural troffers
Announced LED Module LMH6
Announced the release of XLamp XM-L LEDs
March Announced the commercial availability of XLamp XM-L LEDs
February Announced the commercial availability of XLamp ML-B LEDs
Announced the industry's first commercial 1200-V surface-mount SiC Schottky diode
Announced XLamp MT-G LEDs
January Demonstrated an LED-based A-lamp that can meet ENERGY STAR® performance requirements for a 60-watt standard LED replacement bulb
Announced LED Module LMR4
Introduced the industry's first fully qualified commercial silicon carbide power MOSFET
December Announced commercial availability of XLamp® XP-E High Efficiency White (HEW) LEDs
Announced new line of Z-Rec™ 650V Junction Barrier Schottky diodes
Released XLamp CXA20 LED arrays
November Announced commercial availability of new XLamp XM-L LEDs
October Announced commercial availability of XLamp MX-6S and MX-3S LEDs
September Announced a new 150-mm LED wafer production facility in Research Triangle Park
Announced commercial availability of XLamp ML-E LEDs
August Announced the development of high-quality 150-mm SiC substrates
Announced XLamp MX-3 LEDs
Announced the availability of the company’s six-inch LED downlights through The Home Depot
Announced the beginning of construction on the world’s first all-LED-lighting Habitat for Humanity house
Announced the extension of EasyWhite Technology to its LMR4 LED modules
July Announced the release of XLamp MP-L and MC-E EasyWhite LED bins based on a single two-step MacAdams ellipse
Announced a comprehensive, worldwide patent cross-license agreement with Philips
May Announced the development of five new GaN HEMT MMIC amplifiers
Announced a three-year, $1.5 million pledge to provide high-efficiency Cree LED downlights for the kitchens in all new Habitat for Humanity homes built in the United States
Announced the LR6-DR1000 downlight
Announced general availability of the CR6 LED downlight
Announced the LR24HE 100 lumens-per-watt troffer fixture
Announced the LBR-30 retrofit lamp
Announced the extension of warranties for LED lighting fixtures to five years
April Announced the Z-Rec™ 1700-V Junction Barrier Schottky Diode Series of products
Announced that new XLamp XM LEDs achieve 160 lumens per watt at 350 mA
Announced new product line of LED modules employing Cree TrueWhite® Technology
March Hosted Vice President Joe Biden  and Energy Secretary Steven Chu for a company tour and press conference regarding job creation
Released XLamp XP-G LEDs in warm- and neutral-white color temperatures
February Announced an R&D result of 208-lumens-per-watt white power LED
Released the XLamp MP-L LED with EasyWhite® Technology
January Signed a distribution agreement with Arrow Electronics, Inc.  for SiC power products
Announced the demonstration of the Cree CR6 LED downlight
December Acquired semi-insulating silicon-carbide and power-device patent portfolio from Daimler AG
Announced R&D results of 186 lumens per watt for a white power LED
November Announced an agreement to purchase a 592,000-square-foot facility in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China, for chip production
LRP-38 LED light bulbs selected for initial 650-store deployment at Walmart
October Announced commercial availability of the XLamp® MX-6 LED
Announced the expansion of its North Carolina manufacturing capacity
September Announced the commercial availability of the XLamp® XP-G LED
Announced that the underwriters of its recent public offering of common stock have fully exercised their overallotment option, resulting in the issuance of an additional 1,650,000 shares
Announced public offering of 11,000,000 shares of common stock
July Released line of advanced Z-Rec™ silicon-carbide power diodes
June Introduced IPx5-rated tri-color LEDs for full-color displays
Demonstrated 120-watt and 180-watt high-efficiency GaN HEMT amplifiers
Announced the first public demonstration of a record 50 percent efficiency Doherty transistor amplifier with digital pre-distortion
Signed a definitive agreement with RFHIC Corporation (Suwon, Korea) to supply GaN-on-SiC transistors to RFHIC for their GaN HEMT amplifier product families
May Demonstrated a prototype version of the LR6 LED recessed downlight that consumes just 6.5 W of electricity
April Demonstrated 132 lumens-per-watt XLamp XP-G LED
Introduced the LRP-38 LED lamp
Announces industry’s smallest ANSI-compliant warm/neutral LED bins
Awarded ENERGY STAR® qualifications for LR6, LR5 and LR4 LED downlights
March Launched the Product Characterization Tool, an interactive LED design tool that simplifies the task of translating nominal LED performance to real-world conditions
February Demonstrated a dual-switch, 1200-volt, 100-amp power module featuring all-SiC semiconductors
January Announced the sample release of two 120-W, highly efficient GaN HEMT microwave transistors for telecommunication applications such as W-CDMA, LTE and WiMAX
Entered into an exclusive patent license agreement with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) on the sale of GaN substrates
Announced planned installation of more than 4,200 LR24 recessed LED luminaires in Wedge 5 of the Pentagon
December Announced the high-volume availability of lighting-class XLamp® XP-E LEDs with output up to 122 lumens
Announced the sample release of a highly efficient 120-watt GaN HEMT microwave transistor for general-purpose military and industrial applications
Announced volume availability of LR24 recessed LED luminaire
November Demonstrated 161 lumens per watt from a high-power LED
October Announced the release of its new-generation high-brightness 4-mm and 5-mm oval LEDS in blue, green and red
Announced strategic agreement with Zumtobel for LED downlights in Europe
September Announced commercial availability of XLamp MC-E LED
August Announced XLamp XP-E and XP-C LEDs
July Opened engineering center in Shenzhen, China
June Announced first commercially available GaN RF MMIC products
Introduced industry’s first GaN HEMT products for 5-GHz WiMAX applications
May Announced patent agreement With Toyoda Gosei
Announced volume shipments of LR4 downlights
April Announced global availability of LR6 downlights
March Acquired LED Lighting Fixtures, Inc.
November Launched Cree Solution Provider program
Announced corporate conversion to LED lighting
October Announced commercial release of 100-mm, Zero Micropipe SiC substrates
Introduced 8-A, 600-V, Zero Recovery SiC rectifier for computer servers
September Achieved 1,000 lumens from a single LED
June Announced commercial availability of XLamp LEDs with minimum luminous flux of 100 lumens at 350 mA
Introduced blue XLamp XR-E LEDs
Introduced GaN HEMT for broadband applications
May Demonstrated 100-mm, Zero Micropipe SiC substrates
April Acquired COTCO Luminant Device Ltd. of Hong Kong
March Expanded the XLamp XR-E and XR-C series of LEDs with warm white color temperatures
February Introduced the EZBright700 LED power chip
Introduced the XLamp XR-C series of LEDs
October Delivered the XLamp XR-E Series LED, the first 160-lumen white power LED
August Introduced EZBright1000™ LED power chip for general lighting applications
July Introduced 2-amp rectifier for PC power supplies
June Demonstrated 400 watts of RF power for GaN S-Band transistors
Demonstrated a 131-lumens/watt white LED
May Introduced GaN HEMT for WiMAX power transistors
April Introduced the EZR™ LED chip for the EZBright family
March Introduced the EZBright™ family of LED chips
February Introduced the XR series of XLamp LEDs
January Demonstrated a 100-kVA SiC Three Phase Inverter
September Introduced 100mm (4”) SiC substrate and epitaxy material
Achieved 70 lumens per watt with XLamp 7090 LED in R&D
July Introduced 3-watt XLamp
June Introduced SiC MESFETS for WiMAX power amplifiers
Introduced RazerThin 230 LED product
Introduced MegaBright 290 Gen 2 LED Product
May Introduced Colorwave™ backlight solution for LCD TVs & monitors
Introduced brighter blue and green XB900™ power LEDs for LCD BL
February Achieved 56 lumens from one-watt white XLamp LED in R&D
Achieved standard LED efficiency of 100 lumens/watt in R&D
November Announced XLamp 7090
July Launched XLamp® LED product line
May Launched brighter XThin LED product
January Expanded XThin® LED product family
July Introduced RazerThin® LED products
June Demonstrated 100 mm semi-insulating SiC substrates
Introduced LDMOS products for avionics and radar markets
Introduced MegaBright Plus™ and XBright Plus™ blue LEDs
March Introduced second-generation SiC MESFET RF transistor
February Released 1200 V SiC Schottky rectifier
August Introduced 20-A, 600-V, Zero Recovery® SiC rectifier
February Introduced XBright power chip
January Introduced green 525 MegaBright LED
Introduced 10-A, 600-V, SiC Schottky rectifier
December Demonstrated 108 W at 2 GHz from GaN RF devices
November Announced blue laser lifetimes in excess of 1,000 hours
Introduced green 505 MegaBright LED
October Introduced XBright® blue LED
July Introduced 12 mW UV LEDs
Introduced first SiC Schottky diodes
Introduced 4H and 6H 3-inch SiC wafers
May Introduced MegaBright® blue LED
April Introduced 3-inch 4H SiC wafers
February Demonstrated 32-percent quantum efficiency with near-UV LED
October   Introduced UltraBright® blue and green LEDs
August Announced high-power 10 GHz GaN HEMT
June Introduced lower-current InGaN blue and green LEDs
May Demonstrated 12.3 kV high-efficiency SiC power rectifier
October 1999 Demonstrated 4-inch SiC wafer
June 1999 Introduced 48 V, 10 W SiC MESFET RF device
May 1999 Introduced InGaN blue and green LEDs
March 1998 Demonstrated high-power microwave SiC MESFET
September 1997 Introduced 2-inch SiC wafer
June 1997 Demonstrated pulsed GaN blue laser at room temperature
May 1997 Announced reduced micropipe 4 HN SiC wafers
June 1995 Introduced Nitride-based blue LED
October 1993 Developed SiC microwave transistors operating up to 12.9 GHz
September 1993 Introduced brighter version blue LED
August 1993 Introduced 4H SiC wafer
February 1993 Initial public offering
October 1991 Released world’s first commercial SiC wafers
August 1989 Commercialized first blue LED
July 1987 Cree founded